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A1 Active Care promises highly personalized care programs which shall provide all your specific needs in staying healthy, safe, and comfortable at home.

The basic services that we offer here at A1 Active Care include the following:

  • Skilled Nursing. We provide utmost convenience for patients at home by delivering hospital-like services through our skilled nurses. Our skilled nurses can very well perform tasks like monitoring vital signs and health status, assisting in medication administration, mobility assistance, IV therapy, colostomy care, wound care, case management, catheter care, nutritional management, and home safety assessment. They can also provide proper training and education to both patients and family members on how to manage and perform some of the tasks above so they can also do it for themselves if they need to.
  • Personal Care. Our CNA’s can help patients enjoy more independence by providing them with assistance in doing daily tasks. We can highly assist patients in going around the home, maintaining proper hygiene and grooming, going to medical appointments, diet planning, preparation, feeding, medication reminders, ambulation, and light housekeeping. We can ensure that we will put full importance to senior’s and patient’s safety even while allowing them to participate in some of these tasks. Our care providers are highly skilled to strike a great balance between care, safety, and empowerment.
  • Companion Care. We provide patients with assurance of over-all good health through our companion care. We give sitter services, accompaniment in medical or personal appointments, and engage them in conversations and other recreational activities. Our companion care shall ensure that patients who are far from loved ones shall not suffer problems in emotional, social, and mental health, which can often lead to complications or re-hospitalization.
  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care. We provide proper support for patients and families who need help in caring after a loved one with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our care providers have had years of training in assisting patients establish routine, manage hygiene, maintain proper grooming, and get their needed medication and nutrition.
  • Hospice Support. We provide inter-disciplinary assistance to patients and families who are burdened with a terminal illness. We can provide for respite care and follow physician orders so patients can live dignified and comfortable despite their condition. We also give them assistance in properly coping with their disease, and provide loved ones with support even during their time of bereavement.
  • Transitional Care Services. We provide proper transitioning support for patients who are planning to go home from long hospital stay due to an illness, injury, or operation. We provide for home readiness and assessment, proper transportation, and immediate care services so patients can have the right care that they deserve on their first few days at home. Loved ones can also be educated on proper home care practices.

Before we start with any program, we make sure that both care provider and clients are aligned with the assistance that needs to be done at home through a care assessment that will be facilitated by our consultant. This service is offered for free. We are accurate and thorough in servicing patients and their families. Please call us at 678-230-7095 for more information.

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